Carbon Fiber Basket Stretcher WSX-R1

It is sturdy and flexible for use in all types of aid in special situations. With it's special sling equipment, this stretcher is ideal for lifting and transport by helicopter.

1、EVERISE MEDICAL is the first manufacturer in China to apply carbon fiber material to medical stretchers.
2、The product is designed for a long service life.
3、It is extremely light weight and ideal for aircraft/helicopter transport.
Ideal for most rescue situations


Lightweight and durable carbon fiber construction

lightweight, high capacity, low and high temperature resistance

two shells can be separated for compact storage and easily carrying

Chemical, UV, rust, and corrosion resistant.


Model: WSX-R1
Category: I
Material: carbon fiber
Loading capacity(KG): 400
Net weight(KG): 12.50
Unfolded size(mm): 2232*622*170
Folded size(mm): /
Telescopic tubes for length adjustment(mm): /

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