First Aid Training in Nanjing Senior High School of Jiangsu Province

First Aid Training in Nanjing Senior High School of Jiangsu Province

August 25th, 2018


For the family and school, no education is more important than human life safety education!

It is imperative to carry out comprehensive life safety education for students and protect the safety of minors.


EVERISE training school is honored to be invited by Nanjing senior high school to conduct self-rescue and mutual rescue training courses for the freshmen!


Our first aid team provided instruction to improve students' emergency response capabilities.

Mr. Ma zhiteng, the national fourth-level emergency rescuer, gold medal lecturer, taught the following two skills:

CPR and Hemostasis


The course is divided into two parts: theoretical class and practical class.

It’s a lot of work to get a hands-on experience after deep understanding of first aid knowledge.

We also selected the best players from each class as group assistants.


Next, let us walk into the gym and feel the vigor of Nanjing students.

(CPR theory Class)


(Hemostasis theory Class)


(Practical class)



After this training, students used all kinds of first aid knowledge they have learned these days.

They showed different spiritual styles to parents and school leaders.


We believed that after this military training baptism, they will be more mature and steady

Become a "self-esteem, self-confidence, autonomy, self-discipline" Nanjing students


Hope our children could live safely, healthily and happily!