Carbon Fiber Frame Spine Board WSX-S8

Unique design brings more comfort for patients

No foam filled

Easy to clean and disinfect

X-ray translucent, MRI compatible

Smooth High Density Polyethylene material with carbon fiber reinforcement

Rigid, lightweight, extremely durable

Easy to carry and store

Fully sealed construction makes it fluid resistant

14 Ergonomic hand holes provide the best possible transport

12 pins allow fast strapping with carabines, compatible with standard straps and spider straps

Compatible with all kinds of head immobilizers

Meets national and international guidelines for immobilization

Model: WSX-S8
Category: I
Material: HDPE+ carbon fiber supporting frame
Loading capacity(KG): 250
Net weight(KG): 4.3
Unfolded size(mm): 1845*400*52
Folded size(mm): /
Side rails size(mm): /
Diameter of castor(mm): /
Adjustable backrest: /
Diameter of the guide wheel(mm) : /

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