Popular Product-Power assisted stretcher WSX-IIAD

Popular Product-Power assisted stretcher WSX-IIAD

Development history

2012:R&D input

2013:come out the first sample, which we call it the 1st Generation,we provide the first 10sets of samples for free to local emergency centers, Changzhou and Jiangyin are the earliest users that constantly give optimization suggestions base on user experience

2015 : make overall improvement base on 1st generation, we bring out 2nd generation , Officially go on sale in Chinese market 2016: develop the stretcher with vehicle Charing system, which we call it the 3rd generation.

2017: with breaking through this year, TOKIBO ( sole agent of Airborne in China) find us after investigating the feedback from users, we together develop the infant transport system. Our Ambulance partners, like CAREFUL, JIANYOU CHENGYE who focus on high-end medical ambulances,  show their preference for it, this year our sales volume rise up to 108 sets.

Technical Feature

  • Power-assisted by electricity, reduce the operator´s physical effort Two sets of charging system, vehicle charging& external power charging
  • Hydraulic lifting system to make the stretcher up and down
  • Shock-absorption to serve safety and comfort allow adjustment of the height at any level as desired for easy transfer
  • Customization Infant transport system

Current situation for infant transport in China : the mechanical stretcher is used more often for infant transport, while it requires more people to operate.

In additional, the incubator and other equipment add heavy weight to the whole stretcher, it requires much more manpower and stronger material to improve the security, strong bumps and shock when load in/ out the ambulance may do harm to the infant.

By learning the case from Europe, we successfully developed infant transport system, The length 165cm of this item make it more easy though the corridors or into elevators.