Power Assisted Stretcher Infant Transport System

Power assisted stretcher; Large capacity; Easy to use; Manpower-saving


Infant transport system


Current situation for infant transport in China :

the mechanical stretcher is used more often for infant transport, while it requires more people to operate. In additional, the incubator and other equipment add heavy weight to the whole stretcher, it requires much more manpower and stronger material to improve the security, strong bumps and shock when load in/ out the ambulance  may do harm to the infant.

By learning the case from Europe, we successfully developed infant transport system, The length 165cm of this item make it more easy though the corridors or into elevators.


Configuration scheme

For infant transport system




Material: Aluminum alloy
Loading capacity: 200KG
Net weight: 74.20KG
Adjustable angle: back-rest 0-90°, leg-rest 0-20°
Size: Length*Width 1650*580*1090
The height from the bed to ground: High position 1090 mm, Low position 375 mm
Size of the side rails: 570 mm * 200 mm
Diameter of the castor: Φ150 mm

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