Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher WSX-E8S

EVERISE medical is the first manufacturer in China to apply carbon fiber material to medical stretchers.

Technology leadership, breakthrough innovation!
 EVERISE  has developed the world's first all-carbon fiber scoop stretcher, subverting the material application of traditional  stretchers.



Application 1-according to the area :




Application 2-according to the color:

yellow : public security, emergency rescue

White : hospital tansfer, CT, MRI inspection

orange red:  special rescue , fire- fight



Special material -carbon fiber, with long service life

Half weight of the aluminum scoop stretcher

With high loading capacity 200kgs

Used in cases of possible spinal injury and accident victims, and placed under the patient without any movement

Decreasing risk of further injuries

Foldable in half

Telescopic tubes for length adjustment

Secured locking system

The new material-carbon fiber would meet the requirements of the radiological examination.

X-ray, CT,MRI penetrable 99%.



Compare with traditional scoop stretcher:



 Best partner:

Transfer with EVERISE Power assisted stretcher to ensure the rescue more efficient, professional and safe!!



Model: WSX-E8S
Category: I
Material: Carbon fiber
Loading capacity(KG): 200
Net weight(KG): <5.5
Unfolded size(mm): 1640×435×70
Folded size(mm): 1170×435×77
Telescopic tubes for length adjustment(mm): Ⅰ-1640, Ⅱ-1760, Ⅲ-1880, Ⅳ-2000

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